Thanks for Everything (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

To commemmorate the 40th edition of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, this week’s prompt was ‘Ruby’.



Through tear-filled eyes, she studied the ruby brooch, before glancing around at the expectant faces.

“It’s lovely,” she whispered.

Her gaze found his.  He’d been the centre of her life since she’d given herself to him forty years ago.  They’d shared good times and bad, success and failure.  She’d tolerated his dalliances, remained fiercely loyal.  And he’d always come back to her.

Gracefully masking her emotions, she thanked everybody, even the pretty, new assistant flirting at his side.

She cleared her desk, ready to begin her unexpectedly soon retirement.

‘She’ll see him out,’ she thought briefly, ‘one way or another.’

About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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38 Responses to Thanks for Everything (100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups)

  1. oooohhh want to know what happened and what happens next! 🙂


  2. Very good. Enjoyed the punch line at the end – her partner isn’t very nice is he – sounds like she has put up with too much.


  3. Alison Green says:

    Lovely – I think my Dad’s secretary was a bit like your lady! A super take on the prompt.


  4. Sandra says:

    Hah! Now thereby must hang a tale Alison. Interesting… 🙂


  5. Like it…something tells me she’s a lady with a plan…


  6. My, my … There’s quite a tale behind these words, and you’ve hinted at it so well that I feel I’m almost there, but curious and aching for clarification on the backstory. Well done!


  7. I hope the pretty young thing is a useless secretary. Love the line that she’ll see him out. maybe she”ll be the cause?


  8. jeanelaine says:

    Love the twist at the end. LOL Nice


  9. Hmm… Rubies are Red, Cheaters are Fools, Retirement’s nice, but Men are tools. xD (Not all of em. Just the one in this story. ^_~)
    Love the ending!


  10. Gilly Gee says:

    Oooh some fascinating characters here, great job!


  11. Sandra says:

    Glad you liked it Gilly.


  12. Sally-Jayne says:

    Love the angle you took with this. Hopefully the new secretary will get promoted and the boss will become “surplus to requirements” !


  13. thevoiceofsarahmiles says:

    I found this quite heart-wrenching….one always believes love and loyalty will be rewarded…but not with a ruby brooch….


  14. Interesting twist on the challenge. It is very intriguing.
    Well done …!!!
    Hope you’ll stop by and read my entry.


  15. snellopy says:

    Wow, you’ve packed a lot of unsaid stuff into your 100 words, very well done!


  16. Miriam says:

    Poor woman! Lovely story 🙂


  17. Great stuff. So powerful that you can feel her heart breaking altho’ she kept her dignity. And this situation happens so often. His days must be numbered too. I wonder how strong his heart is. Well, there’s no fool like an old fool…..


  18. Judee says:

    Ah yes, the new one will see him out, more than likely for worse. It’s such a cliché (not your writing, the situation) and yet it is like that because it truly does happen in that way, so very often. Been there done that, and he’s now divorcing again and worried about how his two younger kids will react.


  19. Excellent, love the punch line at the end.


  20. prosingon says:

    I felt sad for the lady at first. Then I pictured her doing the great things she is capable of and having it enrich “her” life instead of bolstering some “mid-life crisis” door knob’s ego.


  21. Mayumi says:

    This was quite lovely, if full of silent heartache. How many times has she had to go through this sort of event, I wonder, looking out and seeing some young thing sidle close to the man who used to be hers? I really enjoy how you captured that resigned melancholy. And I love the line about the dalliances!


  22. Sandra says:

    Thanks for commenting Mayumi.


  23. lorrainefort says:

    She is a woman who knows where she’s been and is, hopefully in the end, better for it. 🙂 Bravo for an intriguing post…!


  24. snagglewordz says:

    Hehe, sounds like they are both about to ‘retire.’ Well written.


  25. jfb57 says:

    Oh my goodness! What a twist at the end. How cruel or will it be when she sees him getting his come uppence!


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