Brotherly Love (Friday Fictioneers, August 2012)

This week’s photo prompt from Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers depicted the remains of trees, vines and shrubs after the road crew had been by with vertical cutters.  I’d been in the mood to write something romantic or dramatic this week, so that went down the tubes pretty rapidly.  This prompt could only generate sci-fi horror or humour, and since I did sci-fi last week,  I attempted queasy humour.

Brotherly Love

“Holy cow Toby, what did you do to your sister???”

“Nothing Dad, honest, I just waved my wand at her.  There must have been a spell stuck on the end of it.”

“Didn’t you try undoing it, you know, wave it in the opposite direction or something?”

“Yeah, that’s how she got like this.  You shoulda seen her before.  Eeew, gross.”

“Wait till your mother sees this, she’ll go ballistic.”

“Will she know a spell to reverse it, Dad?”

“You better hope so son, but I doubt it.”

“Aww, tough hey?  I’ll go find a bucket and then we can take her home. What’s for supper?”

About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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62 Responses to Brotherly Love (Friday Fictioneers, August 2012)

  1. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Sandra,

    “What’s for supper?!!!?” What a great line. Perfect for a brother and somehow perfect for your story of Slime Friday. Way to set the tone for the weekend.




    • Sandra says:

      You were quick Doug! Congrats on coming 5th, and I just knew you’d have a good time. Thanks for commenting – this week’s prompt was difficult; I’m looking forward to seeing what others make of it. Aloha! 🙂


  2. TheOthers1 says:

    Ahahahahaha. Queasy humor is right. Spoken like a true male sibling. Lol


  3. Jan Brown says:

    I wouldn’t have thought it possible — a truly funny story based on this photo prompt! I love the brother-sister theme, too! Extremely well done.


  4. Nifti says:

    Hello there Sandra. Good job with the humor. Giggling despite feeling bad for the sister!
    I should be inspired to write something for this prompt by tomorrow 🙂


  5. claireful says:

    It made me smile. I recognised my son in it!


  6. vbholmes says:

    Like the thought of a spell stuck on the end of a wand–untold amount of mischief possible there. And great finish with the reference to dinner–a fun piece.


  7. Adam Ickes says:

    Oh man, his mom is going to kill him! Brilliant little tale, Sandra. The last sentence is priceless.


  8. Eeewww! I was disgusted with myself for laughing at this! Hahaha. Great humor job, Sandra. I am truly enjoying the stories y’all are coming up with to this. I’m so glad so many of you are participating so far! I was worried there’d only be the sound of crickets…


  9. I, too, am surprised to read such a humorous take on such a yucky picture! 🙂 Good job.


  10. A fun piece, brought a smile to my face, and a wish to wand my own sister the next time I see her or the bucket I left her in also, a long time ago. Three wands up for this piece. Thanks Randy


  11. Wow, I don’t know whether to laugh or barf or both, but great job of sibling humor!


  12. I love that you found a humorous take to the prompt.


  13. Deadpan acceptance – great


  14. Clever work, Sandra! I’m keeping my hopes up that his sister can somehow be – erm – regenerated??! Looks like we both chose humour for this “eeew” prompt 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on ours, I’ll have a response for you in a moment 🙂


  15. unspywriter says:

    Such a great depiction of sibling rivalry! Truthfully, when we were kids, I used to try to wish my brother away. Good job of encapsulating those feelings.

    Here’s mine:


  16. Mike says:

    What a great story.
    I loved the way you led us through with some fantastic dialogue.
    Brothers, sisters and wands – always likely to be a dangerous combination.


  17. elmowrites says:

    I like how we went the same way this week, Sandra – horrible brothers all round. At least mine has an excuse! I’m wondering if the magic elements are entirely fantasy or whether this is set in a magic world – either way you had me chuckling.
    Thanks for your comment. For your fans, I’m over at:


  18. Trudy says:

    Love the dialogue, very funny, and love the way he really doesn’t sound too bothered at what he’s done to his sister! Sounds like my younger brother when we were growing up.


  19. Jan Morrill says:

    Wonderful, Sandra! Very fanciful and creative use of the photo prompt!


  20. Brian Benoit says:

    The picture was gross, you went grosser with it, and yet still made this funny. Nice job! I hope someone can put his sister back to normal…”Aww, tough hey?” haha


  21. rgayer55 says:

    The last line cracked me up. Great job, Sandra. I tip my hat to you!


  22. Very funny! Had me laughing out loud. This was a great take on a difficult prompt – I had the same idea: to use comedy. Great story!


  23. Carrie says:

    Only a boy would ask about food after turning his sister into THAT 🙂


  24. glossarch says:

    I particularly like the nonchalance of the scene. It’s like the brother made his sister step in dog poop or something…except he apparently blew her to smithereens.


  25. rochellewisoff says:

    This takes sibling rivalry to a new level. LOL. I’m glad my brother didn’t have a magic wand like this when we were kids. Otherwise I might be a bucket of goo, too.
    Thanks for your kind comments on my story. For other readers who might happen by I’m at:


  26. SAM says:

    My daughter watches Wizards of Waverly Place and I can totally see this happening on that show. I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my place!


  27. Elaine says:

    A truly entertaining story. Great take on the prompt.

    For you readers:


  28. yaralwrites says:

    lovely description of siblings and comfort in knowing mom could perhaps set things right.
    Here is mine


  29. Sounds like a brother! Easy come, easy go…haha. Funny stuff, Sandra!



  30. Sandra says:

    Thanks Susan. 🙂


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  32. wmqcolby says:

    Hahahahaha! Great story, Sandra. At the time this ran, I was invited to write for FF, but didn’t get ion the game until later. Hilarious story!


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