This Year, Next Year… Friday Fictioneers (January 2013)

Photo courtesy of Lora Mitchell

Happy New Year to all Friday Fictioneers.  Hope it’s a good one!

This Year, Next Year…

(Genre:  Humour, I hope) 😦

Jackie had procrastinated for ever; and now it must be done, before it was too late.

The building was well away from the fireworks display, though the noise of the revellers rang clearly across the frosty night air.  Entrance was quickly and quietly gained, and the door locked.

Silk slid silently across skin, feverish fingers fumbled.

Finally, the moment had arrived and it felt so right.

And then…the lock on the door jammed.

Jackie flopped despondently onto the toilet seat and sighed, listening to the crowds counting down to 2013.

He wouldn’t be coming out this year either, he realised.

About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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69 Responses to This Year, Next Year… Friday Fictioneers (January 2013)

  1. For a second there, I thought you’d mistaken erotica for humor, but yes, humor it is!


  2. P.S. Thank you for not naming your character Pat! 😉


  3. Yes, you got humor and your last line is perfect!

    In your first sentence, I think you want “forever”, instead of “for ever” (and another word gained, although that’s not the purpose.)


  4. Tom Poet says:

    I think I am a little confused with this one…..


    • Sandra says:

      Well maybe it lost a little in being pared down to 100 words Tom. He’s a secret cross-dresser (or as we would say a ‘closet’ cross dresser (get it?:)) who’s been yearning for years to ‘come out’ openly. He goes to the fairground NY Eve, changes into his female clothes in the toilet, ready to go public, but then gets locked in and can’t ‘come out’. Sorry it didn’t work for you. 😦


  5. rheath40 says:

    I was holding on to see how it would end. It was perfect. Yes I did chuckle. Very good.


  6. JazzBumpa says:

    I had to read this three times to get it. [I think I got it.]


  7. Dear Sandra,
    I hate it when that happens. Hope Jackie gets a pardon and is released from his malodorous prison soon. Meanwhile I’m laughing.


  8. I chuckled to. Poor guy who knows how long he was going to be stuck in the bathroom.


  9. Parul says:

    Oh poor thing! It was good humor Sandra. Wish you and your locked up muse a very happy new year! 🙂


  10. tedstrutz says:

    I’m with Tom on this one, Sandra. I think he is a guy ready to come out as gay and missed the moment. ??? Or was he going to be Baby New Year?


  11. “Come out, come out, wherever you are …”
    Funny story, Sandra, thank you!


  12. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Sandra,

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Smooth, perfectly written and funny to boot (not the trunk type boot…). I love your British spelling and sensibilities. You never put a foot wrong in all your varied and wonderful stories. Great way to start the new year.




  13. claireful says:

    Very clever how you get away without any personal pronouns until the very end. Loved it.


  14. Sandra says:

    Yes that was quite difficult Claire, and I think with that, and trying to remain within the word count, I may have lost some of the sense of it. But it was an interesting exercise. Thank you.


  15. veronicahaunanifitzhugh says:

    i adore alliteration. 🙂


  16. boomiebol says:

    Lol…i sure hope he can come out


  17. I needed a little humor. Poor man should just come out. Besides no one ever knows who we truly are, but God . I believe you put a smile on many faces.

    Happy New Year Sandra.



  18. Hi Sandra
    What aliteration in the line, “Silk slid silently . . . ” though is Jackie is a he and he’s wearing silk knickers, I have to wonder if it’s the closet he’s in! Ron


  19. hahaha, yes, I could see it all as it happened. thanks for the smile. Poor guy.


  20. Yes, I found it humorous, Sandra. I guess it’s just not meant to be for the guy. Those darn locks!


  21. muZer says:

    That’s a fun take. Hehe.. Poor soul, that wouldn’t be the way anyone would like to ring in the New Year. But so amazingly told. 🙂


  22. unspywriter says:

    Well, I got it on the first read, but then, my parents were British. Poor chap–all dressed up and stuck in the loo! Very Monty Pythonish, and, yes, very humourous. Good job.

    Here’s mine:


    • Sandra says:

      I think you may have been in the minority Maggie. I tested it on my OH and he’s not usually one to get on board with literal subtleties but he understood it immediately. But then he knows me… 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.


  23. elmowrites says:

    Happy new year, Sandra! I’ll admit I found this one a bit challenging to interpret – I ended up with the idea that he’d just been desperate for the loo, holding on so as not to miss anything, and then stuck in there missing the fireworks. The only thing this version didn’t fit was the word “either” in the last line.
    Still, I loved the misdirect of the erotica moment, and the description you used was very evocative too. Mine is slightly different and yet remarkably similar this week. Obviously something about being British!


  24. erinleary says:

    Enjoyably quirky and vague, taking a little time to figure out, like a fun puzzle. I hope he finds his way clear soon!


  25. rgayer55 says:

    Over here they use porta-potties (little plastic toliets) at outdoor events and large parties. I was seeing him stuck inside one of those. It could have been worse. I’ve heard of people turning them over with someone locked inside. Great humour, Sandra. It made me laugh.


  26. EmmaMc says:

    Oh dear, another year in the (water) closet, how frustrating. I admit I had to read this twice before the lightbulb moment. Nonetheless, as erinleary said above, a quirky read that made me smile. Really felt for him and alter ego Jackie, hope they get to come out soon. A fun take on the prompt.


  27. Joyce says:

    Maybe another year won’t hurt to stay in his or her little closet. Maybe it will give him/her time to rethink or reflect on his/her true self. It is never too late to make a change. 🙂


  28. Anne Orchard says:

    Well done Sandra, and made perfect sense to me. I was expecting something funny, but not that. Perhaps he’ll find another suitable occasion before next New Year.


  29. rich says:

    that’s happened to them before? oh no. they have to learn by now, stay away from locks on NYE. well done. humor, yes.


  30. Sandra says:

    Thank you for commenting rich.


  31. writeondude says:

    Definitely counts as humour. Well done.


  32. elappleby says:

    A bit late reading and commenting as I’m crook, Sandra 😀 Very funny story – made me laugh. Poor Jack/Jackie!


  33. Haha yes, poor Jackie.
    I enjoyed your post.


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