Good Neighbours (Friday Fictioneers, July 2013)

Copyright David Stewart

I wonder if I might borrow your ladder?

Sure, just as soon as you return the power-drill and the sander.

Oh…didn’t I do that?

Nope.  Nor the spanner set…

Damned if I know where they are then…

Well nothin’s leaving this workshop till I get somethin’ back.

Are we gonna fall out over this?

Nope, just sayin’.  Them’s the conditions.

Let me think…I could let you have your wife back if you like?


I could stop sleeping with her…she’s a tad insatiable for me anyway. Whadd’ya say?


Take the ladder, I’ll throw in the lawnmower and hedge-cutter too.

I’m sure this is a variation on an old joke but I didn’t dare do ‘dark’ again this week and nothing else sprang to mind.   😦    Thanks again to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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78 Responses to Good Neighbours (Friday Fictioneers, July 2013)

  1. Dear Sandra,

    I’m so glad I’d set my coffee down. I’m sure it would’ve spurted out my nose. You’ve started my day with an out and out belly laugh. Thank you!




  2. Kwadwo says:

    Haha! Funny 😀


  3. vbholmes says:

    Maybe if he threw in the house, his buddy would move in and he could move out–probably be cheaper in the long run than supporting a philandering wife and providing his neighbor with a lifetime supply of tools.


  4. Gabriella says:

    Terribly funny! I love it.


  5. Ha – now that’s the way to hold the neighbor over a barrel (he probably borrowed one of those too)
    Im sorry that it was difficult to comment on my site last week. Not sure what happens with blogs – plz tell me if that occurs again


  6. Nice. 🙂 Sounds like that woman is more trouble than she’s worth.


  7. Joe Owens says:

    You evoked an audible laugh from me with the last line. Not many things do, but this one did. How funny. Take it all if you will just keep her!


  8. Oh, well done!!



  9. Linda Vernon says:

    Haha! His neighbor must be a real stunning looking guy! 😀 He’s probably got a garage full of borrowed tools!


  10. Wow, she must be REALLY insatiable!


  11. Carrie says:

    Ha ha ha haaaaaa! love it


  12. JKBradley says:

    Seems like a fair trade!


  13. Great take… Is this what’s a good ridance ?


  14. Kent says:

    Hee hee hee! Hilarious!
    Like the two guys who went pheasant hunting for the first time.
    “Why do you suppose we aren’t catching any pheasants?”
    “I don’t know. Maybe we’re not throwing the dogs up high enough.”
    Thanks for not going dark. You write good stuff regardless.


  15. Sandra says:

    I did not expect that last sentence! Hilarious 🙂


  16. dailyshorts says:

    NIce. Just had a LOL moment. 😀


  17. LOL! She must be a peach!


  18. Jan Brown says:

    It may be old, but it’s a great take on the photo, and much fun!!!


  19. zookyworld says:

    Wow! Good neighbors, indeed!


  20. lol, that’s hilarious. Goes to show where your priorities are. I’ll bet she’s in trouble tonight!


  21. Indira says:

    Hi Sandra! I was wondering what funny thing one could write with this picture, and here you are. Loved it.


  22. Ba-dum-dum. Henny Youngman – is that you? Seriously though, please take my wife.
    Cute stuff. Randy


  23. unspywriter says:

    Literally, LOL! Great job.

    Here’s mine (maybe a little related):


  24. Wow,,.just, wow. I was not expecting something like that when I started reading. Great story, and excellent set-up for an amusing story!


  25. Helena Hann-Basquiat says:

    You continue to surprise and delight with your versatility, darling! I don’t think anyone could peg you down to one genre or style. This was wonderful as usual!


  26. JackieP says:

    What happens when he runs out of tools? haha! Poor guy.


  27. Funny! Take my wife, please!


  28. Absolutely hilarious, as usual. Terrifically told. completely wound up in shaggy dog territory.


  29. Shreyank says:

    hilarious.. well written as usual


  30. rheath40 says:

    Oh Sandra, I love this story.


  31. Sarah Ann says:

    Wonderful dialogue. Fantastically funny. Really enjoyed reading your cheerful take!


  32. annisik51 says:

    Great characterisation. Great fun! Reminds me of Grumpy Old Men, with Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau. 🙂


  33. Dee says:

    Oh I loved this one!
    I loved the sarcasm, humour and above all the picture you painted – brilliant


  34. Dear Sandra,

    You are a hoot and so is this story.




  35. kz says:

    lol! this is so insanely hilarious! 🙂 thanks for the laugh ^^ ^^


  36. annisik51 says:

    Great fun! Great characterisation and wit. I wonder if you can steal something from somebody who wants you to take it anyway.:)


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