Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

A close up of a Yucca, our grand-daughter in the playground, a bee amongst the honeysuckle, a butterfly caught inside the garage, a mouse who took up residence in an electricity bourne in Dijon marina, and a hedgehog who crawled into the lawnmower box hoping to hibernate inside – my response to The Weekly Photo ChallengeInside.

For your information, we treated the Yucca with caution, released the butterfly, left the bee well alone, took a very tired grand-daughter back home, and found the hedgehog a safer, warmer spot for his hibernation.  The mouse?  Hell, there was no way I was plugging our boat into that particular electrical socket… 😦

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About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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18 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

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  2. K.Z. says:

    lovely photos. i’m seeing so many cute photos today


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  4. Simon says:

    Hi Sandra,
    Though I signed up to follow your boating adventures, I just want to let you know that I enjoy your photos and your (very) short stories as well.

    I will be on my boat in Burgundy for a month starting on 7 June at Chirty les Mines on the Nivernais. I will be going over to Decize, then down the Lateral to Charitee sur Loire and back to Decize. Then it’s the whole length of the Nivernais and ending on 4 July in Migennes. Is there any chance that you and your husband will be in the area – it would be nice to meet you.
    All the best,


    • Sandra says:

      Hi Simon, good to hear from you again. Funnily enough, we were talking about doing the Nivernais this summer, so there is every chance we will be somewhere along that way at that time, though at this moment we’ve not finalised our plans. As soon as we have done so, I’ll get back to you. It would be good to meet up. Thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoy the photos and flash fiction. 🙂


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  7. Ese' s Voice says:

    Endearing! And looks like you have had a really busy time 🙂


  8. Sandra, what an enjoyable choice of photos and perfect for “inside.” Enjoy your weekend!



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  15. Indira says:

    All are good shots but loved the second one.


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