Lockside: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

DSCF2934-001DSCF2927-001DSCF2914-001There are many different types of lock-keeper in France.  At one end of the spectrum we have one who regards it purely and simply as a job; he or she probably doesn’t live in one of the lock-side cottages, and will have to travel up and down a five or six kilometre stretch of waterway tending to the locks under his or her control.  It’s hard work, hot and uncomfortable during the summer months.  At the other end you have the ones who do live in the lock-side cottages, and invest a lot of time and money in pretty well-kept gardens to delight the boaters passing through; they may offer local produce for sale – pates, jams, wines.  They may be closet artists – sculptors, woodworkers, potters.  Along the Canal du Nivernais in central France you might see many such locks; this is just one of them.  In the middle photo the giraffe appears to be spying on our boat waiting in the lock.  🙂

To see other odd-ball photos, visit Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge by clicking the link.  It’s a site dedicated to the weird and wonderful photos that don’t really fit into any category.

About Sandra

I used to cruise the French waterways with my husband four or five months a year, and wrote fiction and poetry. Now I live on the beautiful Dorset coast, enjoying the luxury of being able to have a cat, cultivating an extensive garden and getting involved in the community. I still write fiction, but only when the spirit moves me - which isn't as often as before. I love animals, F1 motor racing, French bread and my husband, though not necessarily in that order.
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16 Responses to Lockside: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Sandra, your photos are marvelous this week. Thanks so much for participating. 🙂


  2. Sandra, Great photos. Those are really different. 🙂 — Suzanne


  3. What fun, Sandra! Liven up the trip, don’t they?



  4. cute pics.
    The giraffe is getting a little old, eh? The skin looks like it’s starting to sag.
    And the woman plowing in the first pic is wearing a hat to shade her what?
    That last picture looks a little like me. When did you take one of me?



  5. rogershipp says:

    I LOVED THE PICTURES! Especially the giraffe.


  6. nowathome says:

    Great odd balls Sandra!


  7. dunelight says:

    When you say cruise the waterways, do you mean a houseboat? Sailboat? I love water and boats. I was curious.


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