Book Worm

I like to read; and I’m a fairly quick reader.  I also have a fairly eclectic taste in books, so there’ll be a variety of authors, genres and styles in my periodic book review posts.  I should say at the outset though, that I’ve no particular qualifications to support my reviews – I just know what I like.

I’d be happy to know if you’ve got a similar page on your site – it’s always interesting to know what others are reading and often it is their views that can introduce you to some pretty interesting authors.

My star rating is quite subjective, just based really on the enjoyment, ‘unputdownable’ factor of the book.   And I’m more than happy for you to share your views and ratings if you’ve read any of the books I’m reviewing, or if you can recommend other books by the same authors.

Garden Tomes, July 2013

Words on the Water, September 2013

Books for the Shorter Day, December 2013

Some Winter’s Tales, April 2014

A Winter of Relative Content, April 2015

Turn the Page… or Close the Book?  October 2014

The Ladies Have It! July 2015

Friends and Books in High Places! February 2016

Quiet Please! – August 2016

8 Responses to Book Worm

  1. U read like I do, I am glad I found your site.


  2. gapark says:

    Just posted my 2013 list of reads. See anything you like??
    I’ll be reading through your reviews–always in search of good suggestions!


    • Sandra says:

      Hi, sorry to be late responding to this. Very late in fact! Off to have a look through yours now, and will soon be publishing the next issue of mine. This has not been a good winter-reading for me as we’ve been in Spain, and getting our books from the charity markets. Still one or two crackers though.


  3. Debz says:

    Hi Sandra, I like your site. I also love reading & have a page dedicated to books I’ve read this year. My ratings/ reviews are similar to yours as in I know what I like – which is a mix of nearly everything. Nice to find you. Deb


  4. Sandra says:

    Hi Debz, thanks for reading. I enjoyed browsing through your book-list too. Plenty of authors for my next visit to the library.


  5. aj vosse says:

    Hi Sandra… do you enjoy reading short stories? I’d love for you to have a read of mine!

    Sorry… I’ve not worked out how to give free copies away but hey, writing must be the only profession on earth that gives work away for nothing! 😉


  6. Sandra says:

    Nice of you to drop by. Come by again when you’ve worked out how to do that. 😉 In the meantime I don’t mind helping you plug your book. Good luck.


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